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Juicebox is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to insert a complete photo gallery into their projects and needs to create it in HTML5 format. This tool, which works with Adobe Air, doesn't differentiate between inserted elements, so you won't have any problems when creating any type of photographic display. The interface is convenient and intuitive, and lets you work with your photos one by one or in batches, adding multiple effects, text, or changing elements such as the opacity of the gallery background.

The benefit of this program is that you can save all your compositions to modify them in the future or start as many as you want; you won't find any limit when making as many galleries as you need. Just give each gallery a name that will let you identify it later on in the list of existing elements.

Furthermore, once you've finished a composition that you want to share, you just have to click Publish to generate a code in HTML5 for you to copy and paste into your website or blog. That way, visitors to your site will view it correctly. Juicebox is, in a nutshell, an essential tool for anyone who wants to display quality images on their website but doesn't have enough expertise to use specialized tools.

Must have Adobe Air installed.


This version has limited customization options and doesn't let users add watermarks.

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